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BetaSMS; Unarguably Best



BetaSMS; unarguably Best, among all other SMS service provider in Nigeria, our proofs wrap around the irresistible services we offer to our numerous clients, which makes them come for more with the minds well fixed that they will sure get the best from us.

  • Being the best SMS marketing company in Nigeria, BetaSMS place no limit on the purchase of units, regardless of how bulky and how small you want it (Our platform is reliable). There is also room to buy as low as you want to and as much as you desired. We implore all clients to recharge their account as soon as possible, to avoid being stranded at the point of sending your messages (in case of emergencies). To recharge, you can click here. Moreso, there is a special offer for our new sign-ups, who intend to use our Digital Marketing tools to stand tall in this Digital age without struggle, as we offer them 10% of their first recharge when they use the referral code – 1624098. Note that your units don’t expire, you can exhaust them at your own discretion.



  • The evidence to prove that BetaSMS is arguably the best is the issue of Delivery. Delivery has been one major testimony that has kept us thriving in the industry till date. We ensure that all messages deliver to your recipients without delay. BetaSMS clients often say, we are only paying for this delivery, because our Delivery is awesome, and it delivers to any network any day anytime, despite the implementation of DND (Do Not Disturb). Our quest to satisfy our clients, brought about BETA Corporate Route, which is a solution to MTN DND. With this solution, all sent messages deliver to numbers on the DND route. All these are the proofs we have to show that we are unarguably the best among our competitors, we


  • Another great feature of BetaSMS platform is the area of managing your contacts. On your personal portal, you have the liberty to store and manage your contacts. As a result of this, our client don’t need to type the numbers of their target audience all the time. All they have to do is to upload the contact and their messages will be delivered to your desired destination. Click here


  • Knowing fully well that the cost of a Dissatisfying customer is priceless. BetaSMS, came up with a Personalized feature that avails our clients the opportunity to reach out to their target audience. Your clients receive the messages with their individual names embedded into it.

For instance; Dear Jumoke, trust your day went well, we intend to inform you that we will be closing early tomorrow by 4pm.

This really means so much to them, as they will be proud of doing business with them for showing much concern. It spells out to them that you truly know them very well.

To enjoy the best of the irresistible services BetaSMS offers which earned them the best unarguably, Sign-up today.


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BETASMS; NIGERIA’S BEST SMS COMPANY | SMS Marketing Company in Nigeria


Have you ever considered what makes BetaSMS, Nigeria’s best SMS company?

We are BETA than the best when it comes to SMS marketing in Nigeria, is a concluded discussion because the support we provide for Business Survival and Business Growth. It is not a sooth-saying that, bulk SMS has been the most effective means of communication. We have become very popular among Nigerians today. Due to this fact that there are currently many bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria offering bulk SMS services. Amongst many, BetaSMS is obviously the best choice because of the quality services offered, with an ease of use and affordable platform that satisfies their client’s need.


BetaSMS is the best bulk SMS platform in Nigeria that best suit your need. Here are some of BetaSMS’ exciting features that singled us out as the best bulk SMS provider among others in Nigeria.

  • First and foremost, it is glaring that you need a personal Bulk SMS account that avails you the opportunity to start sending Bulk messages based on your desire and intent (either for personal use or Business purpose). Considering to get one, wouldn’t you be willing to get that done with Nigeria’s number one SMS company?


BetaSMS, being the leading Digital Marketing company in Nigeria, therefore provides you with an Easy to use and Interactive platform designed with simplicity for a free account opening, if you do not have one, register now.

Nigeria's best SMS company

BetaSMS Sign-up Page

  • We have this awesome feature on our bulk SMS platform; our scheduling feature, which makes us Nigeria’s best SMS company. This feature gives our clients the liberty to schedule any message no matter how huge the amount you are pushing out is, these messages automatically deliver at the scheduled and desired time you want it to reach your target audience, which definitely saves you time and stress. Click here

    Nigeria's best SMS company

    BetaSMS Scheduling Portal Best SMS Marketing Company in Nigeria

  • BetaSMS charges you a unit for a page to all network service provider in Nigeria. Be it MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL,or CDMA – no hidden charges. You can get a unit for as low as #1.70k, our delivery is awesome. most of our clients could testify to that. Rates us Nigeria’s best SMS company, our Plan is cheap and affordable. . Click here

    Nigeria's Best SMS Company

    BetaSMS Price list Best SMS Marketing Company in Nigeria




For Every comment, please do not hesitate to drop them here. We look forward to serving you better.


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With the Do-Not-Disturb feature, you can automatically ignore or block annoying or unwanted calls and SMS. Do-Not- Disturb effectively silences almost all notifications while you aren’t actively using your phone. It also silences all phone calls by default, but you might want your phone to ring when certain important people calls.



With the directive from the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) on do not disturb on the 1st of July 2016, Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) enforced Do Not Disturb (DND) on GSM networks, probably as an answer to complaints of GSM users on the enormous spam messages or unwanted calls they receive often.

This article will teach you how to deliver bulk sms to DND numbers that MTN has automatically blocked as a result of this more than half of their subscribers have been blocked from receiving messages from Third party services Bulk SMS, Value Added Services (VAS) promos, etc. Without their consent.
Hence, sending of Bulk SMS has drastically reduced, since subscribers who are on DND can no longer receive messages anymore.



To help resolve the issue of non-delivery of bulk SMS to MTN numbers with DND Service, we decided to educate our wonderful customers so they can inform their customers/database on how to de-activate the DND Service on their lines and start getting bulk SMS delivered to their phones.

As a bulk SMS user, if you notice that bulk SMS are no longer delivering to some MTN number on your contact list, contact all those on your contact list and inform them to send “ALLOW” to 2442 to disable the DND Service. 



To check if your line has the DND Service do the following:

You can opt out of the DND service, activate fully or partially. The DND Service is totally FREE.

Simply text HELP to the short code 2442 to find out more and text the Numbers below to activate particular options.

See the following:
 To stop all SMS and IVR messages 
ALLOW: To receive all SMS and IVR messages(Bulk SMS, Value Added Services, Promos)
1: To receive Banking / Insurance/ Financial Products SMS 
2: To receive Real Estate SMS and IVR messages
3: To receive Education SMS and IVR messages
4: To receive Health SMS and IVR messages 
5: To receive Consumer goods & Automobiles SMS and IVR messages
6: To receive Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT SMS and IVR messages
7: To receive Tourism & Leisure SMS and IVR messages 
8: To receive Sport SMS and IVR messages 
9: To receive Religion SMS and IVR messages 
STATUS: To check your DND status


For all our clients sending large Bulk SMS we know it is hard to contact all the numbers on your database individually to deactivate them from the MTN DND. Due to these issue, we’ve come up with a lasting Solution to solve the issue, and it is called “BETA ROUTE”.

This special SMS route delivers to all MTN lines, DND or no DND. To put you on this route, you will send us your sender ID, which we would register. We charged 3₦ for all SMS sent to only MTN lines, but all other networks (GLO, Airtel, Etisalat, CDMA) would be charge at the normal price of ₦1.90k.

REF: http://www.ncc.gov.ng/index.php= rel=”nofollow”


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