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SMS Marketing | sms marketing

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SMS MARKETING: Many small businesses are jumping double Dutch (back and forth) when it comes to making a decision on the use of SMS (text messages) marketing. Furthermore you don’t have to be a fortune 500 company for SMS to be an effective and efficient business tool. It is imperative for the small business to stay on the cusp of the marketing trends to stay relevant. Not adding SMS to your marketing mix creates an opportunity gap since everyone is close to their phone.  Here are some numbers to help substantiate my claim:


4 powerful reasons why you need SMS marketing-betasms bulk sms platform- digital marketingFirst of all 60% of mobile consumers use their mobile device as their primary internet source, the average person spends 7 hours on media, 1.8 on their mobile device, 76% of people are more likely to read an SMS (text) message before an email.

Numbers are good, but they alone can’t determine if Mobile SMS marketing is good for your organization. Here are 4 practical reasons why you should jump into the SMS game.

Budget Friendly – To get going, mobile SMS campaigns is relatively inexpensive. Even on a budget, you can use a high-quality platform to represent your brand. In some cases, messages can literally be sent for pennies. Because SMS marketing is easy on the pockets, this can ease any concerns about costs or huge increases to an already tight marketing budget. Whatever money you put into your SMS campaign will come back to you in due course;

Mobile SMS help you create brand awareness, putting you on the top of targeted and prospective clients, which would eventually result in new clients.  Either way, it’s worth the investment. With BetaSMS, cost and time aren’t a barrier.

Hit’s your Target Market – In order for your SMS marketing campaign to produce result, you must have a target audience. This is great because, these people want to hear from you, because you are proffering a solution to their needs, and chances are they are your target market! What’s even better, your offers and information can be shared from those customers with others in their sphere of influence.  In essence, your SMS campaign not only hits your target market, but it also has the potential to grow your market.

Short and Sweet –   Because of its direct nature text messages have an open rate of 95%. When we read, we skim quickly to pull out the information we want and move on. Text messages help you do that. In 160 characters or less you can make you point and boom your done!. If you have a longer message, you can include a shortened or branded URL link to redirect to a landing page or other platforms where your clients can gather more information on your offer. This is solely termed as Call to Action.

Metric Collection – Once you’ve decided to take the plunge into SMS (text messaging) Marketing, you want to know if what you’re doing is actually working and if you’ve made a smart investment. Aside from increase in sales or attendance at an event, there are metrics that are available to determine if your campaign is successful. Open rates, Opt-in/out, Promotions (this is based on the value proposition you offer your clients) and Delivery Success/Failure are some basics. Those are good to start with and are readily available our SMS platform.

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