Bulk SMS is a technology that ease the sending of messages to a large group of persons with consummate ease. If you have ever tried to send a text to more than one person at a time, you will notice how hard it can get. Now imagine how hard it will be to send messages to over one thousand (10,000) persons at a time! However, with bulk SMS technology, all you need to do is to simply type in your text and click send. The messages instantly delivere at once to all the numbers in the recipient box .

Do you have a product or Service you want people to know about?

Do you want to reach millions of Nigerians by sending information to them?

Do you want to create awareness for your business or organization at low cost without eating up your revenue?

Do you want to move your business forward by updating your Customers on your offers or sales?

With an estimate of 150 Million Nigerians with one out of three Nigerians using a Mobile Phones, this is just the right opportunity you need. NO MORE EXCUSES!

Whatever the campaign, using Bulk SMS or Voice SMS or Voice Call (pre-recorded voice message sent to mobile phone numbers in form of phone call) service allows you to inform people about your goods, services, events or campaign. Its not only cheap and affordable, its efficient.


Pratically anyone who has a useful and legit product or service can tap into the power of Bulks SMS / SMS Marketing:

  • Religious Institutions
  • Educational Institutions
  • Enterpranuers
  • NGOs
  • Small and Large Businesses
  • Political Aspirants
  • Fellowships
  • Government Bodies
  • Private Organizations
  • Marketers
  • Individuals

At BetaSMS, we strive to help our Clients to achive thier goals. We not only provide BulkSMS for our Clients, we also add many benefits which includes:

  • Customizable Sender ID for bulk sms
  • Free Mobile application for Andriod phones, Blackberry phones and other applications for bulk sms
  • SMS Delivery to Mobile numbers and CDMA numbers(Landline)
  • SMS schedule for sending messages in a future date and time
  • SMS Delivery to international Numbers for bulk sms
  • Naira Billing System to help monitor your credit
  • SMS does not expire

Benefits are Innumerable and Inestimable in value.

Please feel free to reach us on 08054639765 or if you have any further questions onbuying Bulk SMS Nigeria