BETASMS; NIGERIA’S BEST SMS COMPANY | SMS Marketing Company in Nigeria


BETASMS; NIGERIA’S BEST SMS COMPANY | SMS Marketing Company in Nigeria


Have you ever considered what makes BetaSMS, Nigeria’s best SMS company?

We are BETA than the best when it comes to SMS marketing in Nigeria, is a concluded discussion because the support we provide for Business Survival and Business Growth. It is not a sooth-saying that, bulk SMS has been the most effective means of communication. We have become very popular among Nigerians today. Due to this fact that there are currently many bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria offering bulk SMS services. Amongst many, BetaSMS is obviously the best choice because of the quality services offered, with an ease of use and affordable platform that satisfies their client’s need.


BetaSMS is the best bulk SMS platform in Nigeria that best suit your need. Here are some of BetaSMS’ exciting features that singled us out as the best bulk SMS provider among others in Nigeria.

  • First and foremost, it is glaring that you need a personal Bulk SMS account that avails you the opportunity to start sending Bulk messages based on your desire and intent (either for personal use or Business purpose). Considering to get one, wouldn’t you be willing to get that done with Nigeria’s number one SMS company?


BetaSMS, being the leading Digital Marketing company in Nigeria, therefore provides you with an Easy to use and Interactive platform designed with simplicity for a free account opening, if you do not have one, register now.

Nigeria's best SMS company

BetaSMS Sign-up Page

  • We have this awesome feature on our bulk SMS platform; our scheduling feature, which makes us Nigeria’s best SMS company. This feature gives our clients the liberty to schedule any message no matter how huge the amount you are pushing out is, these messages automatically deliver at the scheduled and desired time you want it to reach your target audience, which definitely saves you time and stress. Click here

    Nigeria's best SMS company

    BetaSMS Scheduling Portal Best SMS Marketing Company in Nigeria

  • BetaSMS charges you a unit for a page to all network service provider in Nigeria. Be it MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL,or CDMA – no hidden charges. You can get a unit for as low as #1.70k, our delivery is awesome. most of our clients could testify to that. Rates us Nigeria’s best SMS company, our Plan is cheap and affordable. . Click here

    Nigeria's Best SMS Company

    BetaSMS Price list Best SMS Marketing Company in Nigeria




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