Happy Independence Day In Advance Nigeria | Nigeria Independence Day greetings!


Happy Independence Day In Advance Nigeria | Nigeria Independence Day greetings!

Happy Independence Day In Advance NigeriaIt’s commonly believed that history presents the glorious past of a country which is replete with unprecedented events and incidents that give the nation its own political identity. The history of Nigeria too represents the remarkable incidents that changed and redefined the various aspects of the country.


Arise, O compatriots

Nigeria’s call obey

To serve our fatherland

With love and strength and faith

The labor of our heroes past

Shall never be in vain

To serve with heart and might

One nation bound in freedom

Peace and unity.


Oh God of creation

Direct our noble cause

Guide our leaders’ right

Help our youth the truth to know

In love and honesty to grow

And living just and true

Great lofty heights attain

To build a nation where peace

And justice shall reign.

The Federation of Nigeria was granted full independence on 1st October 1960 under a constitution that provided for a parliamentary government and a substantial measure of self-government for the country’s three regions. From 1959 to 1960, Jaja Wachuku was the First Nigerian Speaker of the Nigerian Parliament, also called the “House of Representatives.” Jaja Wachuku replaced SirFrederick Metcalfe of Britain. Notably, as First Speaker of the House, Jaja Wachuku received Nigeria’s Instrument of Independence, also known as Freedom Charter, on 1 October 1960, from Princess Alexandra of Kent, The Queen’s representative at the Nigerian independence ceremonies.

Independence Day SMS Messages – 1st October 1960 would be the day which no Nigerian would ever want to forget. This is the day when we commemorate our nation’s independence from the British rule. Remember the great sacrifices made by our freedom fighters and salute them with respect! Send an Independence Day special wishes through SMS and let your friends, clients, partners etc. know that you cherish the sacrifices made by our brave martyrs. An SMS maybe small but serves as a generous way of sharing the independence feelings.

  • Other might have forgotten, But never can I, The Flag of my country Furls very high, Happy Independence day Nigeria.
  • Let’s Celebrate Freedom by Promoting a Human rights Culture in which Respect, dignity and equality become a code for living. Our role to Live up to the dreams of 1960, Happy 1st October! Happy Independence Day Nigeria.
  • Freedom in the mind, Faith in the words, Pride in our hearts & Memories in our souls… Let’s salute the nation on its 56th
  • Celebrate the free spirit of Nigeria. May this Independence Day Fill your life with happiness and prosperity, Happy Independence Day.
  • Take a stand against evil, corruption & terrorism for we belong to Nigeria, a nation of pride.
  • Carried with care, coated with pride, dipped in love, fly in glory, moments of freedom in shade of joy. Proud to be a Nigerian, Happy Independence Day!
  • Independence Day is a good time to examine who we are and how we got here. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!
  • Freedom of speech; Independence to grow; Equality for everybody; Liberty of mind and thoughts and tolerance towards others. Let’s thanks all the great souls who made this great Nation possible for us. Happy Independence Day!
  • May you enjoy the freedom not only the one enshrined in our constitution; but may you be blessed with the freedom of mind, thought and spirit! Happy Independence Day!
  • We can keep Nigeria independent and progressive by being responsible citizens. The least we can do is to vote during every election for the right candidate irrespective of his party, Happy Independence Day!

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