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CHRISTMAS Few Hours to go

Few Hours to CHRISTMAS!!!



Send Christmas wishes with BetaSMS NO.1 BulkSMS platform in Nigeria

Christmas Day is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed most commonly on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.

Christmas is upon us! But perhaps you have run out of ideas. Or you have to do some last minute customer appreciation. Or you really need a  reliable bulk SMS site that has an online payment system (banks are closed) and you won’t have issues of your bulk SMS not delivering to MTN lines. What do you do? Where can you go? Which bulk SMS site can do all this?

Take a few deep breaths. It’s going to be O.K.. BETASMS.COM is here for you. We have a full fitted bulk SMS platform to fit all your needs this season, so you don’t have to worry.

First and foremost, go to our site and SIGNUP so you don’t miss out on wishing you clients, family, friends and loved ones this season. Christmas Day is few hours away, start wishing away…

Christmas wishes with BetaSMS NO.1 BulkSMS platform in Nigeria

One of the main reasons we have the custom of giving and receiving presents this season is to remind us of the presents given to Jesus by the Wise Men: Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. Frankincense was a perfume used in Jewish worship and as a gift, it showed that people would worship Jesus. So, JESUS and gift giving is the focus of Christmas (John 3:16).

So at BetaSMS we give you the Best Bulk SMS Platform in Nigeria…

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance from BETASMS “No. 1 Bulk SMS Platform in Nigeria.

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Season’s Greetings From BetaSMS Best Bulk SMS Platform

Season's Greetings From BetaSMS Best Bulk SMS Platform

Season’s Greetings From BetaSMS

Season’s Greetings From BetaSMS Best Bulk SMS Platform. The demand of Christmas SMS is high during Christmas, because when Christmas season comes people give maximum time to their dear ones and send wishes to each others with different and unique ways. People mostly prefer to send Christmas sms because it’s considered easy and simple. If you are looking for best platform to send your Christmas text, stop your search here. On Christmas day people like to say Christmas wishes, Christmas quotes, Merry Christmas.

Season's Greetings From BetaSMS Best Bulk SMS Platform

Season’s Greetings From BetaSMS Best Bulk SMS Platform BetaSMS.

You can as well get different SMS ideas related to Christmas. Stay in touch with us. Read our latest new collection of Christmas SMS.

  • Here comes again that blessed morn,
    when our Savior was born.
    Rejoice and be glad for d baby Jesus brings with Him peace and joy to make your Christmas a splendid one.
    So from my family to yours its a merry Christmas Have a blast!
    Happy Christmas 2016.
  • Wishing You a Happy Christmas
    and to hope the New Year too.
    Will be a very prosperous
    Healthy and Happy Time for you..!!
    Wish You Happy Christmas 2016.
  • May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holy season, and throughout the year. Wish your Christmas be filled with peace and love.
    Merry Christmas.

Season’s Greetings From BetaSMS Best Bulk SMS Platform BetaSMS;

  • Do not expect too much of Christmas Day.
    You can’t crowd into it any arrears of
    unselfishness and kindliness that
    may have accrued during the past twelve months.
  • “I heard the bells on Christmas Day,
    Their old, familiar carols play, and wild and sweet,
    The words repeat of peace on earth, good-will to men!
    Merry X’mas!”
  • Joy resounds in the hearts of those
    who believe in the miracle of Christmas!
    Wishing you all the peace, joy, and love
    of the season! Season’s Greetings!
    Happy Christmas 2016.
  • “Merry Christmas to the one I love, even on this day of love for all, Remembering the love of one whose call,
    Redeemed all those whose hearts his love might move.”
  • “May the good times and treasures of the,
    Present become the golden memories of tomorrow,
    Wish you lots of love, joy & happiness,
    Happy Christmas!”
  • “I heard the bells on Christmas Day,
    Their old, familiar carols play, and wild and sweet,
    The words repeat of peace on earth, good-will to men,
    Happy Christmas.”

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BetaSMS; Unarguably Best



BetaSMS; unarguably Best, among all other SMS service provider in Nigeria, our proofs wrap around the irresistible services we offer to our numerous clients, which makes them come for more with the minds well fixed that they will sure get the best from us.

  • Being the best SMS marketing company in Nigeria, BetaSMS place no limit on the purchase of units, regardless of how bulky and how small you want it (Our platform is reliable). There is also room to buy as low as you want to and as much as you desired. We implore all clients to recharge their account as soon as possible, to avoid being stranded at the point of sending your messages (in case of emergencies). To recharge, you can click here. Moreso, there is a special offer for our new sign-ups, who intend to use our Digital Marketing tools to stand tall in this Digital age without struggle, as we offer them 10% of their first recharge when they use the referral code – 1624098. Note that your units don’t expire, you can exhaust them at your own discretion.



  • The evidence to prove that BetaSMS is arguably the best is the issue of Delivery. Delivery has been one major testimony that has kept us thriving in the industry till date. We ensure that all messages deliver to your recipients without delay. BetaSMS clients often say, we are only paying for this delivery, because our Delivery is awesome, and it delivers to any network any day anytime, despite the implementation of DND (Do Not Disturb). Our quest to satisfy our clients, brought about BETA Corporate Route, which is a solution to MTN DND. With this solution, all sent messages deliver to numbers on the DND route. All these are the proofs we have to show that we are unarguably the best among our competitors, we


  • Another great feature of BetaSMS platform is the area of managing your contacts. On your personal portal, you have the liberty to store and manage your contacts. As a result of this, our client don’t need to type the numbers of their target audience all the time. All they have to do is to upload the contact and their messages will be delivered to your desired destination. Click here


  • Knowing fully well that the cost of a Dissatisfying customer is priceless. BetaSMS, came up with a Personalized feature that avails our clients the opportunity to reach out to their target audience. Your clients receive the messages with their individual names embedded into it.

For instance; Dear Jumoke, trust your day went well, we intend to inform you that we will be closing early tomorrow by 4pm.

This really means so much to them, as they will be proud of doing business with them for showing much concern. It spells out to them that you truly know them very well.

To enjoy the best of the irresistible services BetaSMS offers which earned them the best unarguably, Sign-up today.


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BETASMS; NIGERIA’S BEST SMS COMPANY | SMS Marketing Company in Nigeria


Have you ever considered what makes BetaSMS, Nigeria’s best SMS company?

We are BETA than the best when it comes to SMS marketing in Nigeria, is a concluded discussion because the support we provide for Business Survival and Business Growth. It is not a sooth-saying that, bulk SMS has been the most effective means of communication. We have become very popular among Nigerians today. Due to this fact that there are currently many bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria offering bulk SMS services. Amongst many, BetaSMS is obviously the best choice because of the quality services offered, with an ease of use and affordable platform that satisfies their client’s need.


BetaSMS is the best bulk SMS platform in Nigeria that best suit your need. Here are some of BetaSMS’ exciting features that singled us out as the best bulk SMS provider among others in Nigeria.

  • First and foremost, it is glaring that you need a personal Bulk SMS account that avails you the opportunity to start sending Bulk messages based on your desire and intent (either for personal use or Business purpose). Considering to get one, wouldn’t you be willing to get that done with Nigeria’s number one SMS company?


BetaSMS, being the leading Digital Marketing company in Nigeria, therefore provides you with an Easy to use and Interactive platform designed with simplicity for a free account opening, if you do not have one, register now.

Nigeria's best SMS company

BetaSMS Sign-up Page

  • We have this awesome feature on our bulk SMS platform; our scheduling feature, which makes us Nigeria’s best SMS company. This feature gives our clients the liberty to schedule any message no matter how huge the amount you are pushing out is, these messages automatically deliver at the scheduled and desired time you want it to reach your target audience, which definitely saves you time and stress. Click here

    Nigeria's best SMS company

    BetaSMS Scheduling Portal Best SMS Marketing Company in Nigeria

  • BetaSMS charges you a unit for a page to all network service provider in Nigeria. Be it MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL,or CDMA – no hidden charges. You can get a unit for as low as #1.70k, our delivery is awesome. most of our clients could testify to that. Rates us Nigeria’s best SMS company, our Plan is cheap and affordable. . Click here

    Nigeria's Best SMS Company

    BetaSMS Price list Best SMS Marketing Company in Nigeria




For Every comment, please do not hesitate to drop them here. We look forward to serving you better.


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SMS Marketing | sms marketing

bb123b03d31f3a288451a35d5a6e6058bf3837e4c70ee74bcapimgpsh_fullsize_distrSMS MARKETING

SMS MARKETING: Many small businesses are jumping double Dutch (back and forth) when it comes to making a decision on the use of SMS (text messages) marketing. Furthermore you don’t have to be a fortune 500 company for SMS to be an effective and efficient business tool. It is imperative for the small business to stay on the cusp of the marketing trends to stay relevant. Not adding SMS to your marketing mix creates an opportunity gap since everyone is close to their phone.  Here are some numbers to help substantiate my claim:


4 powerful reasons why you need SMS marketing-betasms bulk sms platform- digital marketingFirst of all 60% of mobile consumers use their mobile device as their primary internet source, the average person spends 7 hours on media, 1.8 on their mobile device, 76% of people are more likely to read an SMS (text) message before an email.

Numbers are good, but they alone can’t determine if Mobile SMS marketing is good for your organization. Here are 4 practical reasons why you should jump into the SMS game.

Budget Friendly – To get going, mobile SMS campaigns is relatively inexpensive. Even on a budget, you can use a high-quality platform to represent your brand. In some cases, messages can literally be sent for pennies. Because SMS marketing is easy on the pockets, this can ease any concerns about costs or huge increases to an already tight marketing budget. Whatever money you put into your SMS campaign will come back to you in due course;

Mobile SMS help you create brand awareness, putting you on the top of targeted and prospective clients, which would eventually result in new clients.  Either way, it’s worth the investment. With BetaSMS, cost and time aren’t a barrier.

Hit’s your Target Market – In order for your SMS marketing campaign to produce result, you must have a target audience. This is great because, these people want to hear from you, because you are proffering a solution to their needs, and chances are they are your target market! What’s even better, your offers and information can be shared from those customers with others in their sphere of influence.  In essence, your SMS campaign not only hits your target market, but it also has the potential to grow your market.

Short and Sweet –   Because of its direct nature text messages have an open rate of 95%. When we read, we skim quickly to pull out the information we want and move on. Text messages help you do that. In 160 characters or less you can make you point and boom your done!. If you have a longer message, you can include a shortened or branded URL link to redirect to a landing page or other platforms where your clients can gather more information on your offer. This is solely termed as Call to Action.

Metric Collection – Once you’ve decided to take the plunge into SMS (text messaging) Marketing, you want to know if what you’re doing is actually working and if you’ve made a smart investment. Aside from increase in sales or attendance at an event, there are metrics that are available to determine if your campaign is successful. Open rates, Opt-in/out, Promotions (this is based on the value proposition you offer your clients) and Delivery Success/Failure are some basics. Those are good to start with and are readily available our SMS platform.

BETASMS is a leading Digital Marketing firm in Nigeria, catering for all types of customers, through our innovative solutions. On the quest to be the best amongst our competitors, we strive hard to excel with love and care.

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Think Digital Marketing Think BETASMS

Think Digital Marketing Think BETASMS

  • BetaSMS knows the value of a dissatisfied client, and that is why we NEVER compromise on the quality of service.
  • Quality generally denotes to delivery time, service support, service uptime, Do-it-yourself platform, user-friendly service & delivery Ratio ( % of delivery ) which is a VERY IMPORTANT factor when you’re looking to push up to a million Customized message at a GO. When you’re sending  messages in bulk, You’re always shielded with 105% delivery guarantee.
  • Our services are built on the premise of keeping it simple, relevant, and focused, so as to optimize functionality, maximize the experience and deliver customer delight without compromising on quality.
  • On the quest to be the best amongst our competitors, we strive hard to excel and nurture our business relationships with great care and love.
  • We have the skills and resources to serve clients in all industries because we ambitious and vibrant with current, relevant skills in Internet marketing that match the latest trends and technologies
  • At BetaSMS, we strive to equip our clients with the tools needed to establish their company’s brand and presence on the web. We go from design to development to content to SEO.
  • Committed to giving our clients the resources necessary to succeed online.
  • With our business coaching techniques, we could find out the key information about clients and their businesses. This enables us to understand their needs and give them what they need. We also oversee and manage the systematic implementation of complete marketing solutions from client acquisition through to service/product fulfillment.
  • Why not try us out today? You can’t afford to see your business drag too long. We have all the passion it takes to achieve every bit of task assigned to us.
    BetaSMS, saving businesses since 2010.
  • BetaSMS delivers a tailored and wide range of Digital Marketing to businesses. We intend to help the business utilize the power of the Internet mediums. With all of this knowledge, we also have Internet Specialists and experienced staffs.
  • Skilled at enabling clients to attract new clients to their business while they sleep.



Think Digital Marketing Think BETASMS

Here at BetaSMS, we have a super-creative team of marketing and design experts. In simple terms, we’re passionate about creating things that help you to communicate. Communication is key when it is  effective – from marketing strategy, design, and Implementation.

Think Digital Marketing Think BETASMS

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