About Us

Here at BetaSMS, we have super-creative team of marketing and design experts. In simple terms, we’re passionate about creating things that help you to communicate your message more effectively – whether it’s marketing strategy, design, and Implementation. We are a passionate digital marketing agency based in Nigeria. We have a proven track record in delivering high-quality solutions to organisations of all sizes. Also, we offer a friendly, personal service and exceptional value for money to all Customers.

Our services include search engine optimization, website design and development, email marketing, mobile applications, and social media presence. In essence, what they actually provide are results driven, holistic online marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. We focus primarily on increasing targeted web traffic via organic channels, increasing visitor interaction, improving lead generation, implementing social media campaigns, and managing conversion rate optimization.

Ultimately, clients of BetaSMS achieve an increase in online sales/leads, reduced client/customer acquisition costs, increased customer spend and an increased lifetime value per customer. Also, we have a growing network of clients, situated both in the local area and beyond, including start-ups, sole traders, SMEs and corporates. We have the skills and resources to serve clients in all industries, because our team is built of young ambitious team with current, relevant skills in digital and Internet marketing that match the latest trends and technologies

At BetaSMS, we strive to equip our clients with the tools needed to establish their company’s brand and presence on the web. From design to development to content to SEO, we are committed to giving our clients the resources necessary to succeed online. Our philosophy is to demystify the Internet by working closely with clients and building a trusting relationship with them. Being a friendly face is the best way to get great results and relationships that really work.

We deliver a tailored and wide range of Digital Marketing to businesses (coming soon with ErrandMedia.com), which are intended to help the business utilize the power of the Internet mediums. With all of this knowledge, we also have Internet Specialists and experienced staff enabling clients to attract new clients to their business while they sleep.

With our business coaching techniques, we could find out the key information about clients and their businesses, this enable us to understand their needs and delivering exactly what they want from their marketing. We also oversee and manage the systematic implementation of complete marketing solutions from client acquisition through to service/product fulfillment.

Ultimately, our clients achieve an increase in online sales/leads, reduced client/customer acquisition costs, increased customer spends and an increased lifetime value per customer.

BetaSMS, saving businesses since 2010.

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