There are a many Bulk SMS sites in Nigeria out there. How do you choose from bulk sms sites in Nigeria which one is best for you, your business or campaign?

4 Questions you need to ask yourself before buying from bulk sms sites in Nigeria

You may ask “Well, you are one of them. Why should I listen to you?”. You probably should because we have been in the business for long and have also worked with reputable companies to come up with these main points which we think may help you in your search. Trust us, we know better!

Well, we’re one of them so why should you listen to us? Maybe you shouldn’t. But, the worst case scenario is that we’ll give you the main points on which you can judge which of the Bulk sms sites in Nigeria is best for you.

Is reliable service important to you?

If you like reliable service, the first thing you need to ask is how much experience does the bulk sms site or companies have? You need a platform that can handle your sms volume without having delivery problem. Is there provision of support in case you run into any difficulty while using the platform? You need to confirm if the platform is available for 24 hours for whenever you need to send out your sms campaign.

We are sure the answer is yes but as the saying goes, price is not everything. The major thing you need to consider is whether the quality of route they offer is worth the price. Trust us when we say focusing on route rather than price will ensure you are not paying for low quality while thinking it’s a good price bargain. Find out if their service delivers directly to Nigerian Mobile Networks like MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo or to other West Africans countries. If they don’t deliver directly to Nigerian Mobile Networks, you could suffer huge delays or your sms may not deliver.

Does my SMS credits expire?

SMS expiry is the practice by many SMS Companies whereby the SMS you buy expires if you do not use them within a number of months. The company deletes the sms remaining. It is better to find out if the companies you choose carry out this practice before subscribing for their service.

Are you buying one unit to one sms?

Will the bulk sms company charge you one sms to one number when you upload or do they charge you two units instead? For example, if you buy 10 SMS at N1, that will be be N10. When you want to upload your sms to 5 numbers on your provider’s platform, they may charge you N1.5 instead of N1.

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